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Buying the Right Bathing Suit Colour Could Save your Child

Not all bathing suits are equal - and this one simple purchase could make a world of difference and prevent drowning.

Drowning remains a significant concern, especially for children, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing water safety during swimming activities. While parents often focus on finding stylish swimsuits adorned with their kids' favourite characters, there is a critical factor that can make all the difference in ensuring child safety: the underwater visibility of the swimsuit. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance of swimwear colour in water safety and how it can potentially save lives.

The Tests: Unveiling the Invisible

Alive Solutions, a renowned company specializing in aquatic safety, training, and risk assessment, conducted rigorous tests on 14 swimsuits of varying colours. The experiment involved observing the swimsuits both on the water's surface and submerged to a depth of approximately 18 inches, a crucial level for life-saving during water accidents. The results were eye-opening, revealing that most swimsuit colours virtually disappear or become unidentifiable when submerged just below the water's surface. The degree of visibility varied significantly based on the colour of the swimsuit. After rigorous testing it became obvious that bright neon colours like neon pink, orange, and yellow are the go to choice for a pool setting.

Color Matters: A Matter of Seconds

When it comes to water safety, every second counts. The tests showcased how certain swimsuit colours could mean the difference between immediately locating a struggling child underwater, and facing a potentially tragic outcome. For parents and caregivers, those few seconds can be lifesaving. It became evident that choosing the bright neon colour for swimwear in a pool setting is not merely a style choice but a critical aspect of ensuring child safety in water-related activities.

Best Colours for Open Water Environments

Bright neon colours emerged as the most visible options in open water, with neon yellow, green, and orange being the top choices. These colours stood out significantly when submerged, allowing for swift identification of a child in distress. On the other hand, popular swimsuit colours like blues and greens almost completely disappeared underwater, emphasizing the need for more vibrant and contrasting options.

For pool settings, bright colours continued to reign as the safest choice, while caution was advised against using dark colours that could be mistaken for debris or shadows on the pool bottom. Experts recommended opting for large blocks of bright colours or combining contrasting colours for rash guards, swimsuit bottoms, and trunks to enhance visibility.

Environmental Factors: A Comprehensive Approach

While bright neon colours were identified as the best overall options, it is crucial to consider other environmental factors that can affect underwater visibility. Water clarity, lighting conditions, currents, and weather can impact how well a swimsuit colour stands out underwater. Therefore, selecting a swimsuit that provides high visibility in the specific water environment is essential.

Beyond Swimwear: Supervision Remains Vital

While choosing the right swimwear can significantly improve visibility and child safety, it cannot replace the importance of effective supervision. According to experts, the majority of water-related injuries occur when adults are distracted or assume someone else is watching the child. Vigilance and constant, distraction-free supervision by a designated "watcher" are paramount to prevent accidents and ensure child safety during water play.

The Best Time to Sign up for Swim Lessons was Yesterday

Swim lessons are a vital investment in water safety, and you can start your baby as early as 6-months-old and create lifelong benefits. Beyond mastering swimming techniques, these lessons empower children with self-rescue skills that can be crucial in emergency situations.

Water can be scary for your little one, and regular reinforcement of swimming and ongoing lessons ensures an understanding of water safety. While brightly coloured swimwear aids visibility, parental vigilance remains paramount. By introducing children to swimming early and fostering a culture of water safety, we equip them with essential life skills and strive to prevent drowning incidents, creating a safer aquatic environment for all. Plus, who doesn't love dunking their kids in the water?

A Safer Swimwear Choice for a Brighter Future

Selecting the right swimwear colour for your child is more than just a fashion decision; it's a matter of safety that can save lives. By opting for bright and contrasting colours, parents and caregivers can significantly enhance underwater visibility and improve the chances of quickly identifying a child in distress. Bright neon colours, such as orange, yellow, and green, are top choices for open water, while pools benefit from the same bright colour recommendations.

However, it's crucial to consider environmental factors when choosing swimwear.

While swimwear visibility is a crucial aspect of water safety, it must be accompanied by attentive supervision. Combining proper swimwear choices with vigilant caregiving creates a safer environment for children during water activities. By keeping these tips in mind, parents can help prevent water-related accidents and ensure their children can enjoy the water safely. Remember, bright colours for brighter futures!

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