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Cycling Saved My Sanity

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When I was 18 years old, I thought I was rich because I had amassed the most amount of money I had ever had in my life, $1600. I was dead set on buying any car that could get me out of the farming town I grew up in and into the illustrious suburbs 30 minutes west. With the money burning a hole in my pocket I began looking around at the kind of cars I’d be able to afford – and you guessed it – they weren’t great. I was quickly disappointed because I didn’t think a 1997 Chrysler minivan with two different colored doors was exactly the “chick magnet” I envisioned driving at 18.

With $1600 dollars, a bus pass, and no other form of transportation besides bothering my parents to drive me anywhere, I was in dire need of a method to get around and have any sense of freedom. I began looking online at bicycles, specifically road bikes and went to a local bike shop near me to get some more information.

Although I didn’t have any intention of buying the bike, I quickly fell in love with all of the ergonomic designs and paper–thin tires. I was able to try out several bikes that were extremely out of my price range and decided to negotiate with the vendor. After some back and forth I was able to get the bike and walked out with a Lapierre Audacio 200, which I quickly named her, “Michelle Lapierre”. Fitting right?

It has been close to seven years that Michelle and I have been together, and our love has never been stronger. With regular tune-ups and care, she has never let me down. Cycling has truly become a passion of mine and when I’m able to I cycle as frequently as possible. Not only is it beneficial to get outside, but it’s a great alternative to running if you’re susceptible to shin splints like myself. Cycling gave me a sense of freedom and liberty when I was 18 and it’s truly kept with me. Even after purchasing a vehicle, weather permitting if I’m able to cycle to my destination – I will. I’m truly excited to bike around with my daughter and share this passion I have with her.

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