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Ms. Rachel Saved my Sanity

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

One of my favorite content creators for children is Ms. Rachel on YouTube. This godsend of a woman has over 2.5 Billion views on her channel with over 100 videos uploaded.

As you know, not all children’s content is created equally, and Ms. Rachel is genuinely in a class of her own.

A little background on Ms. Rach – she and her husband used to work on Broadway in New York, has a master’s in music education from NYU, and is currently pursuing a second master's degree in Early Childhood Education. She started after her son, Thomas, was diagnosed with a speech delay. He was having a hard time learning how to speak, write, and communicate properly. Ms. Rachel scoured for content that would specifically and directly help teach her child how to speak, enunciate words, and learn crucial verbal cues from a young age.

She quickly realized that there was nothing that met her needs, and instead of just stopping there – she decided to make her own content.

Ms. Rachel’s goal was simple – create quality children’s content that taught important speech pathology lessons. She worked with Chatter Box NYC and created her first few videos. Not only did her content focus on promoting healthy speaking habits for specific ages – but with her and her husband’s musical background, they created original music for their videos. After watching around 100 Ms. Rachel videos, I will permanently have, “I’m so happy…JUMP – CLAP – SPIN!” in my mind for the rest of time.

She started gaining the success that she rightfully deserved when she started blowing up on TikTok. With parents all over the world sharing how much they love and appreciate Ms. Rachel – it wasn’t long before she was able to support herself and her family by creating content full-time. If you haven’t watched a Ms. Rach video yet – it only takes one to realize how much work and effort goes into these videos. Some of my favorite lessons that we’ve learned from her are 16 gestures in 16 months, all the different animal noises, how to identify and handle different emotions, and those are just a few of the hits. Our daughter Esmée is genuinely in love with her and lights up whenever she hears her voice, let alone gets to watch a video.

With her success, only came higher quality videos and music. Ms. Rachel was able to improve her studio, hire talented and diverse staff, and create content like never before. My personal favorite video of hers is her recent one on emotions. She helps teach how to identify the feeling, what it might look like, how to deal with those big emotions when they happen, and how to move on and be okay with it. Not only did my daughter learn something – so did I!

Having a content creator that is not only upbeat and positive all the time, (seriously check out her TikTok that woman is a saint), but truly cares about the betterment of your child’s learning makes me feel even better supporting Ms. Rachel and having my daughter watch it. There are other shows that our daughter enjoys like Blues Clues, and Gabby’s Dollhouse, but no show compares to Ms. Rachel.

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